Wanting a free blog of content management system (CMS) with most of the freedom? Try google app engine (GAE). Get started with GAE for free. When you have huge traffic and exceed Google's free quote, you just pay the extra usage. 

Here are a few awesome CMS systems for you. 


gae-django-cms (GD-cms) is simple site running on the Google App Engine with CMS and BBS apps, which implemented by python and django.

Vosao CMS 

Free, open-source content management system for web sites hosted on the Google App Engine for Java.


Micolog is a blog system implemented by python and can be hosted on google appengine
Now you can access the Demo at: http://micolog.appspot.com or http://xuming.net
Micolog's code source moved to github now . https://github.com/xuming/micolog

What's micolog?

Micolog is a blog implemented by python,it can be host by Google app engine. Some parts of micolog are developed with Django. 


A personal blog system based on web.py+gae+mako, which runs on top of Google App Engine (GAE)



App Engine Site Creator is designed to be a highly extensible and light weight content management system. It features a user-friendly content editing interface, a high degree of flexibility and customization, a file sharing mechanism, full support for page hierarchies, and fine-grained mechanisms for user management and access controls. It is built to run on Google App Engine and to scale well with minimal engineering maintenance.


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