Recently, I played around with the EC2 virtual instance from Amazon. It is super awesome and I think I would change to use it.

Today,  I wanted to check if the website is online. It went with saying that I used the “ping” command, but not getting through, I thought the server was down (kinda freaked out). However,  the website on the browser was working fine.
Then, I realized that all I needed to do was to enable the ICMP requests:
1) Log into AWS account.
2) Click on “Security Groups”. Choose the required security group.
3) Click on the “Inbound” tab.
Create a new rule: Custom ICMP rule
Type: Echo request
Source: will allow everyone to ping your server. You can specify your own addresses if you want.
That’s it.

In addition, if you cannot get through with other similar functionalities, it could be not enabled. You can fix it in the same way.


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